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Bad Turning Circle? Get a Reversing Camera!

I know that I sometimes might seem to harp on about bad turning circles, but I’ve driven a car that has trouble doing a u-turn even on fairly wide roads, and having a turning circle like that is no picnic when it comes to reversing or parallel parking. Try having people angrily honk at you for holding up traffic every time you parallel park, and you’ll get an idea of why the subject is so near and dear to my heart. That said, it’s even worse if you’re driving a large vehicle like a truck or RV, or towing a trailer like a caravan, horse float, or boat.

A reverse camera kit is just what you need in those situations.

The advantages to a rear vision camera are plenty. You get a hugely enhanced field of vision, which you really need if you have a poor turning circle or have a vehicle so large that it’s tricky to manoeuvre. If you’re driving an RV, an RV rear vision kit will help you park safely and without having to worry about scrapes, dents, or accidents. And if you’re towing a trailer, then you might want to look into a caravan reversing camera, a horse float rear vision kit, or a boat reverse camera kit. All of those will help you navigate the appropriate vehicle in situations where you might well find it tricky to see and hard to judge exactly where and how to move your vehicle to get it from where you are to where you want it to go.

Of course, even if you just drive an ordinary, fairly small car with a decent turning circle, there are still a vast range of situations in which a reverse camera kit comes in handy. It has far fewer blind spots than the standard assortment of wing mirrors and rear view mirrors, and will help you notice if an animal or small child runs out behind you, or just how far the bumper of the car behind you sticks out. Overall, it makes parking and reversing a far safer and far less risky experience, which reduces the stress and frustration associated with driving and parking, making outings more relaxing and enjoyable.

So whether you drive a big truck or tow a trailer across the country, or you’re just trying to find a parking place in the busy city, Safety Dave has the camera for you.

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