Horse Float (Horse Trailers) Reversing Cameras

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Our multi-camera rear vision packages, used in conjunction with split monitors, have been developed specifically for horse floats with packages tailored to suit both application and budget.

Our customised horse float reversing camera kit has been purpose designed and built to ensure it not only meets, but consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.  Our personalised service leaves you in no doubt that you have purchased the best combination for your vehicle and float/Trailer.

When looking at a rear vision package for your horse float/trailer and vehicle, we highly recommend the following:

• The monitor is 12-24v and is easily removed from the vehicle mount for security
• The monitor has a sun-shield for improved vision in bright conditions
• The monitor extension cabling allows flexibility to ensure you can place it in the best location for your vehicle.
• The camera has a waterproofing class of IP67 or higher with audio and infrared for night vision.
• The cables are fully waterproofed and sealed with industry standard, screw-in 4 pin connections (used by over 90% of the industry)
• Dust caps are supplied for cable protection
• 2 year new for old replacement warranty
• Australian based support

What makes the best Horse Float Rear Vision Kits?

Safety Dave offers multi-camera rear vision packages that have been developed specifically for horse floats. These cameras are designed for use in conjunction with split monitors, to provide you with maximum awareness of your surroundings and keep you and the animal you’re transporting safe in all conditions.

Horse float rear vision kits are an essential when it comes to safety in transporting bloodstock and other horses. Human passengers are usually surrounded by all the safety features of a vehicle, and other cargo tends to be sturdier. Horses are at a unique risk of injury while being transported, which is why awareness is paramount for anyone who works with horse floats. Reversing cameras form a crucial part of awareness on the road, enabling you to see traffic and obstacles unobstructed, and safely make decisions regarding reversing, lane changing, and turning. When you add horse floats into the mix, getting the right camera kit is a critical decision. Fortunately, Safety Dave is dedicated to helping you make the right choice.

The complete reverse camera package to keep your hose safe during transportation

We’re aware that every customer has unique needs and circumstances, and have tailored our offerings to suit a range of applications without exceeding your budget. Our reputation for personalised service and attention to detail means you can be certain that you’re getting the best combination of cameras, tyre pressure monitoring systems and other equipment for your vehicle and your trailer.

The horse float reversing camera kit is built to perform at the highest level in any weather. Night or day, rain or shine, our cameras will act as extra eyes so no hazard escapes your notice. The monitor is equipped with a sun-shield for improved vision and reduced glare in bright conditions, while all our cameras have a minimum waterproofing class of IP67, with audio and infrared capabilities for enhanced night vision. The cables are fully waterproof, sealed with industry standard, screw-in 4 pin connections, and come with dust caps for further protection. We also supply monitor extension cabling, for added flexibility, so that you can place the monitor in the best location for your vehicle. That way, you can minimise the time you spend looking away from the road to view the monitor and avoid craning your neck or looking at unnatural angles.

Our Warranty

All equipment sold by Safety Dave is built to last. That’s why this product comes with a 2 year new-for-old replacement warranty. We’re also a proudly Australian company, offering Australian-based support so you know you can rely on us.

Kit Installation

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