hazards of glare while driving

Get a Reverse Camera Kit and Don’t be Blinded by the Light!

When you’re driving around sunrise or sunset, glare from the sun can be a serious safety hazard. And even though it’s still Daylight Savings Time, we’re now past the halfway point to the equinox which means that sunset is getting closer and closer to rush hour. This means that you can be driving a long and struggling to see what’s behind you or to the side of you because if you look the wrong way, you end up blinded by the glare.

A reversing camera helps you see despite the glare.

There are a number of steps you can take to help mitigate the hazards of glare while driving. You can wear sunglasses, and even tint or polarise your windows. But if sunglasses aren’t enough and getting polarised windows is a little too fancy, a rear vision camera can really help you out.

Mirrors have an unfortunate tendency to shine sunlight straight into your eyes, leaving your disoriented and at risk of an accident. This becomes especially dangerous when you’re parallel parking, as it can cause you to misjudge the distance out of confusion, or worse, develop bad habits like not looking enough. A reverse camera will ensure that the sun doesn’t get in your eyes when you’re reversing. Unlike a mirror, it relays everything it sees to a handy monitor which includes technology that displays distances on a helpful scale. So it won’t just reflect the sunlight into your eyes, and you don’t have to worry about an eyeful of sunshine when trying to figure out how much room you have.

It’s not just bright sunlight that can be a problem though. Reversing cameras are useful no matter the weather and conditions. Unlike a mirror, which can become useless in the rain when it gets covered by raindrops, cameras can be fully waterproofed. They also don’t rely as much on ambient light, giving them superior night vision. That way, if you’re driving at night on a dark country road, a reverse camera kit will ensure that you still have the full vision and awareness you need to park and to reverse.

So don’t spent too much time reflecting. Cameras are the future and when it comes to parking safely, mirrors are no substitute.

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