Safe-T-Tyre is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) developed to give you peace of mind, improve fuel efficiency and extend the life of your tyres.

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fire safety products

Our fire safety range includes fire blankets and fire extinguishers ranging from small, all-purpose domestic to large specialised extinguishers for specific workplace needs.

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first aid products

Our first aid kits are so well stocked that most exceed Australian safety regulations to ensure the highest level of protection at the lowest possible cost.

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Why choose ours?
Technical Support
Our team of experts are here to answer your questions. Give us a call today!
2 Year Replacement Warranty
All of our reverse cameras come with a 2 year new for old replacement warranty.
Easy Installation
Instructions, videos guides, and technical support during your installation.
Fully Tested
All cameras, monitors and cables are thoroughly tested before leaving the warehouse.
Night Vision
All cameras have infrared for night vision and audio, so you’ll never miss a thing.
All cameras have a waterproofing class of IP67 or higher, the cables are also fully waterproofed and sealed.




We love our clients
I spoke to a John, It was quite nice to speak to somebody who was interested in my challenge. He said no problem and sorted it out and sent me a replacement and it arrived in one day (I have reconnected the cable and now the monitor works). It is not often you get this type of service and the speed it was resolved plus the big surprise there was not cost to me. Again, I thank all the staff at Safety Dave's. PS- I will recommend your company to all who asks where did I get my caravan reversing camera (plus backup service).
Gary T
We would just like to praise you on your great Customer service We ordered on the 23/1/17 and received on the 25/1/17 just in time for my husbands Birthday. I will be recommending you to everyone
Chrissy & Mel Bartram
Outstanding service and great advice. Many thanks, the parts arrived on Friday. Problem resolved... both cameras are working. I am impressed with you and your team.
Ordered TPMS the other week for my ute and caravan for a trip crossing the Nullabor. Package arrived within a couple of days. Fitted so easy. Did its job and told me three of the tyres on my ute were below what I set as the low alarm point! So off came the sensors and pumped up the tyres. And it still senses the caravan tyre pressures when the vehicles are parked over 20 metres apart (either side of the house)! Very pleased with this product.
Just received from you a reversing camera for our ute. Many thanks for a quality product at a great price with super quick delivery and exceptional customer service.
Ron Osborn
Recently I made an enquiry regarding spare o'rings for the TPMS tyre senders. I would like to pass on my thanks to your organization for sending me a packet of o'rings in the mail - FREE OF CHARGE !! I would have gladly paid for them. My set of 8 for a car and caravan have served me well, having picked up on a deflating caravan tyre before it became a serious safety issue. Thanks again for maintaining a fabulous customer service regime.
Tom Taylor


Step 1
Call our experts
Step 2
We personalise our products to you
Step 3
Make an order
Step 4
Fast delivery



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