Best Quality Reversing Camera Kits

Increase safety and reverse with confidence with a reversing camera system from Australia’s leading rear view camera supplier.

Providing a clear view behind the car, rear view reversing cameras are the ultimate device to increase safety and take the stress out of driving. Safety Dave stocks a wide range of reversing camera kits suitable for most makes and models. Using the latest innovative technology, our car reversing camera kits will give you an immediate, accurate and wide-angle perspective from the back of your vehicle displayed clearly on the reverse camera monitor mounted on your dashboard – the unique reversing camera wiring ensures no delays between the camera and the display so you can reverse with the peace of mind knowing that you have maximum visibility. The enhanced awareness will make driving and parking a more secure, stress-free experience, lowering the risk of accidental bumps and scrapes.

The Benefits of Using a Reverse Camera

Car reversing cameras can save you money by reducing the likelihood minor accidents and they also save lives by increasing visibility behind vehicles. There are many other advantages as well, including:

  • They allow drivers to be more aware of small children or pets in their vicinity.
  • They make it much easier to hook up a trailer or caravan.
  • They create an ergonomically-friendly way to drive – a reversing camera allows you to remain facing forwards, with your hands firmly on the wheel when reversing. No more turning your neck to uncomfortable positions.

Use the below icons to identify each products recommended use. 

  • 4X4

  • RV

  • Car

  • Truck

  • Horse

  • Bus

  • Boat

How to Install a Reverse Camera

For reverse camera installation, you can watch the easy, step-by-step video below. Set up is so straightforward that it’s practically child’s play, and the difference between setting up a camera kit for different types of vehicles is minimal. At Safety Dave, we pride ourselves on our products’ ease-of-use, and the intuitive design and usability of the camera kit is part of the service we provide. We want to make you safer and care about your personal needs, so the reverse camera is designed to ensure that no matter your specific situation, you’ll be able to make use of the technology.

Choose Safety Dave for the Best Reversing Camera Kits in Australia

An Australian owned company with over 15 years’ experience specialising in innovative, high quality reverse cameras, it’s easy to see why Safety Dave is one of Australia’s most trusted reverse camera suppliers. We supply the highest quality reversing camera systems and components including:

With exceptional customer service and unbeatable prices, contact the Safety Dave team today and invest in the best reversing camera kit on the market.


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