Lending your car out? Take the stress away with a camera

Rear vision cameras help keep your care safe when you lend it out

If you’ve been driving in your vehicle for a while, then you tend to get a sense of its quirks and foibles. You develop an instinct for the turning circle, for the dimension, and you start to have a fairly reliable intuition about the space it takes up, and where it is in relation to other vehicles, even though you can’t see all that from the driver’s seat. All this is extremely useful: it helps you reverse and parallel park safely, and ensures that you don’t accidentally back into anyone.

When someone borrows your vehicle, a reverse camera kit helps bridge the gap.

If you’re lending out your vehicle, though, whoever’s borrowing it doesn’t have all that experience with the particulars of your individual vehicle. They don’t have a sense of the space it takes up, and they might not know you have a pretty large turning circle, or that they can’t reverse that extra bit longer. And to add to the risk, your insurance policy might not cover damage incurred while someone else is driving, or might require you to pay the excess even if it’s their fault.

With a rear vision kit, though, it’s easy to see all that information that you would otherwise have to judge based on experience. Instead of gaping blind spots, you have a clear view of the region behind your vehicle, even if you’ve never driven it before. This can be extremely useful on long road trips or cross-country driving when you’re driving in shifts, and helps avoid mistakes that could end up being seriously expensive.

So think about investing in a reverse camera, because you never know when someone might have to borrow your vehicle. This goes double if you have a trailer, which is both harder to manoeuvre and likely to be more in-demand. You don’t want to lend it out only to have it returned dented because someone didn’t know what they were doing. A camera kit helps ensure that whoever has your vehicle or trailer won’t get it into an accident.

And it doesn’t matter what vehicle or trailer it is, with Safety Dave offering a range that spans from 4WD reverse cameras to boat cameras and horse float rear vision kits. Whatever you need, whoever’s at the wheel, we’ve got you covered.

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