Don’t Destroy Nature on Your Adventure

Driving off-road can be a thrilling way to explore the wilderness, but if you’re not careful, it can also be highly destructive. Many animals make their homes off the beaten track, and endangered plants still survive in areas untouched by civilisation. A 4WD can be a great way to explore the pristine bush, but it’s all too easy to wreck it in the process.

4WD Reverse Camera Kits help keep the wilderness wild

If you don’t want to wreck shrubs, burrows and nests, then it’s essential to know where you’re driving and what’s around you. There are various steps you can take to gain this awareness – nature guides, maps, and just keeping your eyes open are all important. But part of driving is that your field of vision is inherently restricted. You can’t see some things with mirrors and the naked eye, and even if you could in theory, camouflage can make it very tricky.

But with a rear vision camera, you have a better view of what’s happening, and what creatures – great or small – might be lying unsuspecting in the path of your 4WD. Off roading can involve a lot of tricky manoeuvres and reversing, and you don’t want to reverse over some poor bilby who happened to get in your way.

Even in the desert, many creatures make their homes, hiding in little holes and dunes and patches of scrub. Just because things look barren on the surface doesn’t mean that some snake, lizard, or rodent hasn’t made it’s nest beneath the rock and sand. Almost everything has a role in the delicate balance of the ecosystem (except for some invasive species, like cane toads, rabbits, and foxes).

So before your next adventure, come to Safety Dave and have a chat with us about finding the reversing camera that’s perfect for you and your 4WD. Safety Dave cares about you and your individual needs. It’s more important that you’re safe and you’re satisfied than that we make a sale.

And while you’re staying safe, do your bit to keep the environment safe too. The bush is beautiful, and future generations deserve to see its beauty too – not just tyre tracks and broken twigs. With a camera kit, you’re better equipped for an adventure that doesn’t ride roughshod over our native flora and fauna.

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