Car Parks and Camouflage

When you think camouflage, chances are that you don’t think of a car park. You probably think about wildlife, using evolutionary defence mechanisms to avoid detection by predators. Zebras and chameleons come to mind. Or maybe you think about military uniforms, with their carefully patterned colours to help soldiers conceal themselves in combat zones.

But the truth is that there’s a lot of camouflage going on in a car park. First of all, it’s often quite dark, which makes it tricky to distinguish between different shapes and colours. And then everything’s concrete, and a lot of places have pillars that are the same colour as the floor, walls, and ceiling. Not to mention the number of dark grey, silvery and or black cars that you see.

Without a rear vision camera, it can be hard to spot cars in the camouflage.

If you don’t have a reversing camera kit, then you’re relying on the naked eye to figure out what’s just poor lighting, what’s a pillar, and exactly where the other vehicles are. And they don’t make it easy for you. Even with wing mirrors and a rear-view mirror, vehicles are designed in a way that severely limits your field of vision. And every vehicle has slightly different proportions, so it’s nigh-impossible to make certain, confident judgments! Do you have a little bit more space to reverse, or are you about to back into someone? Without a camera, it can be tough to tell unless you get out and check.

There are already enough confusing things in car parks. The layouts are like labyrinths, and often you’re just trying to find a way out! So don’t make things any harder than they need to be. With a reverse camera, figuring out exactly what’s what becomes stress-free and easy. Quality rear vision systems are designed to work in the dark, so that poor lighting? Not a problem anymore! And a monitor will display the space behind your vehicle in clear perspective, taking the guesswork out of reversing. Let’s face it, the last thing you want is to scrape your car against a pillar because it looked exactly the same dark grey as the background in the car park. So get a sense of perspective: get a reversing camera kit and you’ll quickly find that driving is a calmer and safer experience. Just don’t drive into an actual war zone.

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