Reversing cameras are the future

I’m kind of a science fiction buff. And when you’re watching Star Trek, one thing you notice is that at the helm of a starship, there are all sorts of sensors and readouts that tell the crew what’s going on in different parts of the ship, and measuring all the different things that are going on around them. There will be all sorts of measurements and displays about various levels of radiation, other ships in the area, maps, and so on and so forth. And while that might still be science fiction, we’re steadily getting closer to that with rear vision cameras.

Reversing camera kits are the future

A few short decades ago, your dash readout would be limited to mileage, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and maybe a ‘change oil’ light. But now road vehicles are filled with all sorts of sensors and maps – in-built GPS, tyre pressure monitoring systems, and rear vision cameras. And those technologies and tools give you a superior awareness of your surroundings. And that awareness is what you need to keep yourself safe on the road, whether you’re driving or parking.

See, if you’re relying on old-fashioned mirrors to figure out what’s going on behind you, it’s hard to tell what’s accurate and what’s a distortion. As the saying goes, objects in mirror are nearer than they appear. And because every vehicle is differently sized, and every curb has a slightly different distance, you end up having to make guesses about how far off things are, and whether you have the space to reverse that tiny bit more.

But with a rear vision kit, everything is much easier. It comes with a built in distance scale on a monitor that accurately displays the region behind your vehicle. So parallel parking – which if you’re doing it with the naked eye can be an absolute nightmare – becomes far more relaxed and doable. There’s a reason why most cars that are manufactured these days have an inbuilt camera: the advantages that they provide are invaluable for preventing accidents. So if you don’t have a camera already, talk to Safety Dave about finding the kit that’s right for you. Even though it’s really invaluable, we have great value wholesale rear vision systems for cars, 4WDs, caravans, trailers and horse floats. So no matter what you drive, you can stay safe with a reversing camera from Safety Dave.

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