Reversing cameras help you turn around in impossible driveways.

Some driveways are just impossible to turn around in. They seem to obey some sort of twisted, warped geometry, like an MC Escher artwork or a bent region of space-time too close to a black hole. Maybe it’s because they’re narrow, because part of them is blocked with boxes or bushes, or just because they’re poorly designed. Maybe the driveway is on an incline, and the slope blocks your vision. Whatever the reason, it’s happened to us all. You drive down the driveway, think that you can use it to turn around, and find yourself stuck.

A rear vision camera kit helps you see properly and turn around.

With a camera, your vision isn’t limited to fragments reflected at odd angles in mirrors. Instead, you have high-quality, wide-angle visual data that goes straight from the camera to a monitor on your dash near your rear view mirror. And this means that you can achieve a kind of perspective that would ordinarily be impossible without a mirror. The benefits of this increased environmental awareness can’t be overstated. They allow you to properly conceive of your vehicle’s location relative to your surroundings and how you’re situated in space. And this can mean the difference between making a turn and scraping your vehicle or someone else’s.

It’s even more important when you consider the added complications that come from towing a trailer. That’s why we offer caravan reversing cameras, horse float rear vision kits, and boat trailer camera kits. Because when it’s not just your vehicle but a whole other trailer behind you, you need an extra dimension of vision. Fortunately, you can achieve that with multiple cameras and monitors, using different channels and feeds to visualise where your vehicle is in relation to your trailer in relation to your surroundings.

Cameras keep you safe, whether you’re in a busy car park, a narrow country road, or trying to make your way off road in the great outdoors. So no matter what your situation, you should seriously look into the ways in which a reverse camera kit can help make your driving experience easier and safer, compensating for the various inadequacies of mirrors and the naked eye. Come down to Safety Dave and have a chat so we can help you find the reversing camera that’s right for you.

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