Reversing Camera Kits For Boat Trailers

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Our customised boat trailer rear vision package has been designed and built to ensure it not only meets, but consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our monitor extension cabling allows flexibility to ensure you can place the monitor in the best location for your vehicle.

All of our cameras have a waterproofing class of IP67 or higher and all of our trailer cameras have audio and infrared (night vision) functionality.  Cables are fully waterproofed and sealed with industry standard, screw-in 4 pin connections (used by over 90% of the industry).

Navigate safely with Boat Trailer Rear Vision Kits

Owning a boat is fantastic. But it comes with one critical drawback: unless you already live on the beach, or you’re lucky enough to have your own spot in the marina, you have to get your boat to the water and back. And that can be a tricky business: getting your boat on a trailer, lugging the trailer all the way to the water, and avoiding traffic along the way. Plus, it’s not easy to navigate with a boat trailer behind you. They obstruct your vision and hamper turning, plus they make reversing and parking especially difficult. Fortunately, there is a convenient solution: the boat trailer rear vision package.

Safety Dave’s custom-built boat trailer reversing camera kit is designed to not only meet, but also exceed, your expectations. The monitor has a sun-shield so you don’t need to worry about glare when you’re transporting your boat to the beach on a summer day, while the camera and cables are fully waterproofed with class IP67 or higher waterproofing and industry standard screw-in 4 pin connections so it won’t be a problem if some leftover water splashes on the equipment. The camera also has audio and infrared capabilities for superior night vision, so you can stay out on the water until it’s dark, and the cables come with dust caps for further protection during the off season.

With a boat trailer reversing camera package from Safety Dave, you can take the stress out of transporting your boat on the road. With the enhanced awareness provided by a camera, you won’t need to worry about misjudging turns or denting other vehicles while reversing. Instead, the camera provides you with an accurate, real-time image of what’s happening behind your trailer, letting you easily make good decisions and stay safe on the road. With one of our kits, boating becomes about your time on the water, not the drive there and back – just like it should be.

Quality boat trailer reverse cameras backed up by Our Genuine Warranty

Our goal at Safety Dave is to provide you with the tools you need to keep you and your possessions safe, which is why our boat trailer reverse cameras are top quality and long lasting. In fact, we’re so confident in their durability and reliability that they come with a 2 year new-for-old warranty. We’re also a proudly Australian-based and Australian-owned company, providing true blue Aussie support for any questions or technical issues you might encounter.

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