reverse camera kit

Staying on the straight and narrow

Reversing down a long driveway can be difficult, as most of the time when you’re reversing, you’re not going perfectly straight. This slight angle can be the source of a good deal of frustration, since by the time you get to the end you might be quite a bit off-centre. Many people have found themselves grumbling over the amount of moving back and forward that goes on when they have to go down a long driveway, or match up with a narrow security gate.

Reverse camera kits help ensure that your vehicle is lined up right

A rear vision camera kit shows you exactly what’s behind your vehicle, and if that’s starting to get mostly occupied by bush or dirt, you can know that something’s wrong long before you get to the gate and correct your course accordingly. Sure, it might be technically possible to do this kind of thing using rear view mirrors and wing mirrors, but it requires all sorts of mental and optical gymnastics: craning your neck, calculating the distortion from the mirror, piecing together all the different angles of sight. It’s much easier and far less stressful to use a reverse camera kit.

This is doubly true for larger and longer vehicles, like trucks and RVs, as well as trailers including horse floats, boats, and caravans. Vehicles of this size can be awkward and unwieldy when reversing or parking, so Safety Dave’s equipment really comes in handy here. Caravan reversing cameras will ensure that your cross-country journey isn’t over before the end of your driveway, while horse float rear vision kits and boat reverse cameras will ensure that no matter what you’re pulling behind you, it gets safely to its intended destination.

And what if you’re the type who doesn’t really go in for larger vehicles, but prefers to zip around the city? Well, you should be thinking about reversing too, because reversing cameras make it easier to move in and out of laneways and narrow alleys, and find parking in between other cars on crowded streets. So if you want to be able to take those back streets and explore all the hidden corners of the metropolis, a camera kit will make it easier and safer for you to do so. After all, you don’t want to get stuck in an alley unable to turn around – which is a predicament all too easy to find yourself in if you don’t have a rear vision kit.

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