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A Salve for your Communal Parking Woes

If you live in a block of flats or have shared parking at the office, then things can get pretty rough. To start with, many parking spots are a little too narrow, or they’re angled weirdly, and designers don’t always account for the angles of entrances and obstacles. I’ve seen apartment parking where it’s nearly impossible to turn around without backing into the ground floor flats.

Reverse camera kits are the solution for badly designed parking spaces

If you attach a rear vision camera to your vehicle, however, suddenly everything changes for the better. The camera gives you a high-resolution, accurate view of the area behind your vehicle, so you don’t have to try and use your mirrors to try and pull off a tricky reverse or turn. That brings you a lot of relief and peace of mind, since you’re much less likely to accidently bump something or someone.

And that brings us to another problem with communal parking, whether it’s residential or in the workplace: some people are just incredibly inconsiderate. They’ll park way too close to you, so it’s impossible for you to get out, or even leave their vehicle across multiple spaces. And then if you brush their vehicle at all when trying to escape the predicament that they put you in, they act as if you totalled it. I once had someone wake me up on the weekend saying that I hit their car. All that had happened was a bit of rubber had come off my car and stuck to theirs. Fortunately, it was easily scrubbed away and their wasn’t even a scratch – in fact, I could barely see the mark – but it is all too easy to scrape a neighbour’s vehicle if you’re not careful.

The moral? It’s best to play it safe when it comes to parking around neighbours and co-workers. And no one’s better for safety than Safety Dave. Dave has rear vision cameras for all your needs, whether you’re parking in the city or you’re looking for a truck reversing camera, caravan reverse camera kit, or 4WD rear vision kit as you drive across the country. So no matter what the situation, you can always park and reverse without any stress and with the full field of visibility that you’re used to when driving forward. That way you can keep arguments to a minimum with those you live and work with, and have a safer, happier life.

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