Seeing through a screen gives you an advantage

Fans of certain genres of video games, especially first person shooter games, will be familiar with the phrase “screen cheating”. For the uninitiated, these games generally involve splitting a television screen so that each player focuses on one part of the screen, which shows the world from their point of view. If you look at another player’s screen, then you know where they are on the map, and can sneak up behind them and ambush them. It’s unenforceable, but it’s widely seen as dishonourable to look at another player’s screen – much like peeking at someone’s cards in poker, it gives you access to information that you shouldn’t have. Hence the term “screen cheating” – it might be an unwritten rule, but it’s tantamount to cheating.

But in the real world, life isn’t a competition, and if seeing something through a screen or from a different point of view gives you an advantage, then so much the better. That’s why equipping your vehicle with a reversing camera kit is a smart idea. It’s not unfair, because no one wants an accident to happen. It just makes reversing safer and surer for you, at no cost to anyone else. So there’s nothing dirty about it – in fact, other people might well think more highly of you for it, since it makes you less likely to reverse into their vehicle or property.

In shooting games, your aim is to kill the other players, at least in the game. But on the road, the last thing you want is to cause death or injury. A rear vision camera is a way to reduce the chances of anyone coming to harm, and make it more fun and less stressful. Reversing cameras are especially helpful for newer drivers or drivers of larger vehicles, but everyone is safer because of it – and at Safety Dave, safety is our top priority.