Every Driver Knows The Feeling

Every driver knows the feeling. You’re reversing down a narrow driveway onto a busy road, moving slowly, taking your time in case there are obstacles that you can’t see. Suddenly, whoosh – another vehicle speeds past, apparently out of nowhere, and you’re grateful for the narrow miss. If you hadn’t been so careful, you might have been hit by a truck. Shaking with relief, you triple check then reverse out onto the road and join the flow of traffic.

The question is, why is this such a universal experience? It’s not like it only happens to irresponsible drivers. Even the best of us know exactly what this feels like, and that’s because of a simple fact. With conventional visuals, your vision is horribly limited when you’re reversing. Sure, you have those side mirrors, and the rear view mirror, and that’s why you didn’t get hit by the truck, but you didn’t see it coming, either! There are really only a small selection of angles that give you a decent look.

That’s why you should get a reversing camera. That truck might have been way over the speed limit, but as my grandfather used to say, it’s no good being right and dead. It’s common knowledge that you need to learn to be a defensive driver, to leave some buffer room because other people are going to make mistakes and break the rules. A rear vision camera gives you that wiggle room, keeping your safer by letting you see what’s coming. At Safety Dave, we know how important safety is, and we’re not satisfied with near misses – because we know that one day, everyone’s luck runs out. That’s why we recommend getting a reversing camera kit, so you stay safe, and keep a wide gap between you and danger.