“Don’t Look Back In Anger”

“Don’t Look Back In Anger” is a song by the band Oasis, famed for their many hits like “Wonderwall” and “Champagne Supernova”. It’s also some pretty sound advice, up there with “don’t drive when you’re angry”. Taken together, you definitely don’t want to look back in anger while driving.

The trouble is, if you drive enough, you’ll be angry at least some of the time while you’re driving. And if you have to pull into a really tough parking spot – which might just be enough to make you angry – then you’re going to have to reverse park.

Now, reverse parking normally involves looking back, and if you’re angry at that time, that’s looking back in anger. But there’s a way to cut down on all of those assorted head checks and the glancing over your shoulder to make sure you’re not running over anyone’s dog (if you’re actively trying to run over anyone’s dog, you are definitely too angry to be driving). That way is the rear vision camera, and it looks behind you so that you don’t need to. It’s also going to give you a much better view than you’ll be able to get from out your back windscreen, and it means you won’t get a sore neck (which also might make you irate, if not angry), from constantly turning your head.

So a reversing camera is a worthwhile investment, even if you don’t take most of your life advice from nineties pop bands. And to be honest, you probably shouldn’t take a lot of life advice from Oasis. Sure, they occasionally come up with something good, but it’s the old “even a broken clock is right twice a day”. Most of the time, they’re assuring you that you’re their wonderwall, or talking about someone who is apparently electric. What’s really electric is the rear vision system that will save you a lot of trouble.