Risky Enterprise

I’m all for boldly going where no man has gone before. Exploration and discovery are important. It’s exciting to venture into uncharted territory, take a giant leap for mankind, and push forward into new horizons and new frontiers. Without brave journeys into the unknown, without the risk-taking that this involves, we would still be stuck in the Stone Age.

But you can’t be innovating and moving forwards all the time. And while a level of risk-taking is healthy, when you’re driving, it pays to put safety first. So sometimes you want to retread familiar ground, move backwards. Whether it’s parallel parking or backing up a driveway, sometimes you need to reverse.

And since you don’t want to go in blind, even if it is somewhere you’ve been before, you should get a reversing camera kit. Maybe you can manage with mirrors that distort distances and force you to tilt your head at a funny angle – but maybe not. Do you really want to risk misjudging it and backing into a telegraph pole? Of course not. And a rear vision camera will present a reliable picture so that this sort of thing won’t happen. You’ll know exactly where you’re headed, even if your head is pointed in the opposite direction, and the area around your vehicle will be accurately displayed on a monitor with a convenient distance scale.

Sometimes, even on old terrain, conditions change. Weather, light levels – and because you’ve backed out of your driveway a hundred times, you’ve grown complacent. Maybe you don’t bother adjusting your mirrors, or you don’t realise how poorly they work at night. Safety Dave offers the best reversing cameras, weather-proof and with excellent night vision, so you will stay prepared and safe no matter the circumstances. Because whether you’re looking forward or looking back, you should always be able to see what’s happening.

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