Rear Vision Camera Systems for Trucks, Buses & Heavy Machinery

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Safety Dave’s multi-reverse camera systems are developed for use on large vehicles and heavy machinery. With split monitors to give you maximum awareness of your surroundings, these camera kits are suitable for vehicles like trucks, buses and horse floats, as well as machinery like agricultural and mining equipment, cranes and fork lifts. There are a range of packages tailored to suit both application and budget constraints.

Trucks Visibility Reversing Camera Kits

These reversing camera kits are designed to free you from restrictive and dangerous limitations on your vision and environmental awareness. With rear vision camera kits for your vehicles and equipment, you can reliably see what’s happening around you, letting you move safely and navigate the space without risking accident or injury. In the 21st Century, a camera kit is a crucial investment for anyone who drives a heavy vehicle or operates machinery. Mirrors don’t cut it anymore.

Safety Dave specialises in your safety. Our industrial-strength rear vision equipment is built to withstand shock from heavy blows and functions in all Australian weather conditions. Everything we offer you is built to last, which is why we can offer a 2 year new-for-old replacement warranty.

We always put the customer first, and we’re dedicated to finding a solution that will work for you and fit your needs. Give us a call for an obligation-free discussion to help us figure out exactly what you need and how we can provide it. Contact us today and we can work with you to develop a tailor-made solution for your business.

Kit Installation

How To Install A Reverse Camera On A Caravan
How To Install A Reverse Camera On A Van

Safety Dave is a wholly Australian owned company, operating for over 10 years from our base in Victoria. We pride ourselves on fast, efficient, customer sales and service and ensure all our rear vision systems are fully tested prior to dispatch from our Australian warehouse.

Our custom made rear vision camera (reversing camera) systems have been purpose designed and built to ensure they not only meet, but consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, and our single point of contact Australian based 7 day per week support leaves you in no doubt you have purchased the best combination for your purpose.