Reversing Shouldn’t be a Puzzle

When you’re reversing with mirrors, you have to constantly glance around to get a wide-angle view of what’s behind you. If you want to look at what’s behind you and to your left, you have to look at your left wing mirror. Similarly, if you want to look at what’s behind you and to your right, you have to look at your right wing mirror. And if you want to look at what’s directly behind you, you have to look up at your rear view mirror. You have to piece all that information together to make sense of your surroundings, and that’s a risk. It means you can miss something if it’s moving fast enough while you’re checking your mirrors.

A reversing camera kit means you don’t just see pieces of the puzzle.

With a rear vision kit, you get a wide field of vision displayed on a convenient monitor right in front of you. Say goodbye to looking in different places to see different parts of what’s behind you. Everything you need to stay safe is arranged on the one screen, so that you don’t have to sacrifice clarify or peripheral vision even when you’re reversing. The camera takes in the whole panorama, and doesn’t leave anything out.

There’s only one exception, and that’s when you need more than one camera. In that case, Safety Dave has the answer: two cameras, and two screens. Say you’re towing a trailer. Put one camera on the back of your vehicle and one camera on your trailer and voila! You can stay safe while driving, turning, and reversing, able to view what’s behind your vehicle and what’s behind your trailer. No more blind spots that pose risks.

A reverse camera kit is an essential safety accessory, whether you’re trying to navigate an inner-city car park or pulling a caravan along the Great Ocean Road. With a wide range of rear vision kits to choose from, Safety Dave prioritises your needs so that we can deliver the product that’s right for you. We don’t want you to have any blind spots on the road, so we don’t have blind spots when it comes to our customers. We listen, observe, and then think comprehensively about what will make your travel experience safer and easier.

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