street parking with reverse cameras

Reversing Cameras and Tight Parking Spots

When you share a communal car park, or when you’re trying to fit into a space in a large car park like at a shopping centre or in the city, things can be pretty tight. This is especially the case if the cars next to you are badly parked or just plain oversized – or if your own vehicle is a little larger than average. Fortunately, Safety Dave has the answer.

Reverse camera kits for cars and 4WDs

A rear vision kit can make all the difference when it comes to fitting into a parking spot or backing out of one. When you’re only equipped with mirrors, angle and changing light conditions make it really hard to judge distances accurately. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that different vehicles come in different sizes, and sometimes people park a bit closer to you than they really should. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to misjudge distances and scrape against another vehicle. This can make day-to-day activities like parking your car stressful and potentially expensive if you mess up. It’s even worse if your vehicle has a bad turning circle.

A reversing camera provides an alternative to haphazard guesswork

The camera connects to a monitor which provides an accurate, helpful image of the area behind your vehicle. The video feed is updated in real time and comes with a useful distance scale, so you have a frame of reference for your spatial awareness. You’re also not inconvenienced by bad weather: while mirrors are prone to getting covered in rain, fogging up, or reflecting nasty glare, a camera will work no matter what the whether. It even has night vision capabilities so it will also work effectively at night.

A rear vision camera will ensure that when you’re reversing and parking, you can do so safely, confidently, and comfortably. Cameras are available for a wide range of vehicles, from cars to 4WDs, as well as larger vehicles like RVs and trucks, and trailers including boats, caravans and horse floats. That way, it doesn’t matter what you drive, and how the people on either side of you are parked. You’ll always be able to slide into that parking spot, and then slide back out of it like a pro. Don’t add to the stress of your already busy life worrying about parking – get a reverse camera and make it that much easier.

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