flight glare

Reversing Cameras Help Fight Glare

Everyone knows that the sun can be blinding when it gets in your eyes, whether you’re looking at it directly or just as reflected sunlight. When you’re driving and parking, the sun can be a major hazard. It forces you to squint or look away, and can prevent you from getting an accurate sense of the space around you. The problem is compounded when parking – if the sun’s behind you, then it can be impossible to look into your mirrors without being blinded.

Parking at sunset: it’s easier with a rear vision camera

Because of the way in which the camera is angled, a reverse camera kit doesn’t just help you get a better look at the road and at surrounding vehicles. It also means that you’re not looking at the sun when trying to manoeuvre into a tricky parking spot, saving you from squinting. By ensuring the sun doesn’t get in your eyes, you can avoid scraping the car next to you or accidentally backing into the one behind you, so a camera can save you from some unfortunate accidents.

It’s also worth noting that while a mirror will directly reflect sunlight into your eyes, a camera displays what it sees on a monitor. The monitor won’t be as bright as the reflected sunlight, so you won’t have to deal with the sort of intensity that could distract you at a crucial moment.

When mirrors aren’t an option: caravan reversing cameras

All this assumes that mirrors are actually a possibility. But some larger vehicles, particularly those carrying heavy loads, can’t use mirrors at all. If you’re towing a trailer, or driving a truck, Safety Dave has options to ensure that you have the awareness you need, including RV reversing cameras, truck reversing cameras and trailer reversing cameras.

This technology is available for all sorts of vehicles, from cars and 4WDs to caravans and RVs, to trucks, trailers, boat trailers and horse floats. If you want to drive safely, that means being able to see traffic and other obstacles behind you, so a camera is absolutely a necessity in these situations. If a mirror won’t work, then trying to do without a camera is an unnecessary safety risk and a liability. At Safety Dave, we want you to stay safe, which is why we’re making sure that you can get the camera you need at an affordable price.

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