Don’t Trust the Guy Behind You

One of the amazing things about driving is that it’s a demonstration of the power of the social contract. Cars, as the statistics show, are incredibly dangerous. Trucks are even more deadly. If a driver wanted too, they could hurt or kill a lot of people. But fortunately for us all, most people aren’t murderers. Roads work because everyone is doing their best to stay alive and to ensure that everyone else stays alive.

Well, almost everyone. Because sometimes you find yourself forced to share the road with someone who clearly has no regard for life or limb, and is ducking, weaving and tailgating like there’s no tomorrow. And as far as you’re concerned, there might not be a tomorrow if you’re not a good enough defensive driver.

A reverse camera kit helps keep you safe even if people behind you are driving dangerously

In the past, mirrors have played an essential role in not getting killed by a reckless driver. Before changing lanes or turning or backing out of a driveway or doing any of half a dozen other things, you check your mirrors. “Always check your mirrors” is the mantra that many of us learned to drive with, and it keeps you safe the vast majority of the time.

But the vast majority isn’t all the time, and sometimes, mirrors just don’t cut it. Mirrors are limited. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. They have plenty of blind spots, and often offer a distorted view of your surroundings. And when someone is ducking in and out of traffic or riding your rear bumper, the awareness that mirrors don’t afford you can mean the difference between life and death.

With a reversing camera, you have massively improved awareness of everything that’s happening behind your vehicle – both directly behind and to the sides a fair bit. This means that if you’re about to change lanes and someone accelerates like you didn’t even indicate, you can spot the danger in time and avoid a nasty accident. Or if you’re trying to parallel park, you can properly judge the distance behind you and avoid backing into someone’s Rolls Royce.

And if you’re towing a trailer, things are even riskier. Fortunately, a trailer rear vision camera can combine with your regular one to ensure you have an unobstructed view and can stay safe even with a trailer behind you. With a camera you can turn, change lanes and reverse safely.

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