Some things can never be reversed

Some things can never be reversed. There are terrible actions that one can commit, words that can never be unsaid, deeds that can never be undone. These events may change lives forever, alter a field of study, or reshape the literal or figurative landscape of the world. Afterwards, we wake up knowing that things will never be the same.

And then there are the things that can be reversed. Things like films. Some chemical reactions (although not all). A few stylish shirts and jackets. Not to mention cars, trucks, motor homes, caravans and all sorts of other vehicles. This is for the best – just imagine a car or a truck that couldn’t be reversed! Parking would be a downright nightmare, and streets would have to be far wider since three point turns would be an impossibility. People would get stuck in narrow alleys and have to abandon their vehicles for good. It would be a very different, and far more frustrating world.

But just because something is possible doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. And while reversing with the help of all those dinky mirrors – wing mirrors, rear vision mirrors, blind spot mirrors – is doable, there’s a better way: the reversing camera. Also known as the rear vision camera, this system gives you a spot-on view that makes reversing easier than ever before. You don’t have to worry about blind spots with the camera giving you an up-to-date display of everything that’s going on behind you. It helps out reversing, especially with a larger vehicle or a trailer like a caravan or motor home, making it more comfortable and – most importantly – safer.

That’s why at Safety Dave, we aim to fit you with the best reversing camera for your needs. A camera will make your life safer and easier, and make sure that you and your vehicle never do anything that you’ll spend years wishing you could take back.