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Be a Good Neighbour with a Reversing Camera

Often when we’re thinking about a purchase, we only think about the ways in which it will benefit us. And that’s perfectly natural and respectable – after all, it’s our money. But sometimes, it’s good to think about the things you do that make life easier for the people around you.

For instance, take a reversing camera kit. I’ve written a lot on this blog about how much a rear vision system will improve your driving experience. But if you’re a bit of an altruist, then maybe it’s time to think about the ways in which a camera will help improve things for everyone else.

Nobody likes it when someone else parks badly – so be considerate with a reversing camera

Everyone’s had the experience of cringing as they try to slide into a parking spot where your neighbour’s parked well over the line. Even worse, most of us know what it’s like to come back to your car only to discover someone else parked way too close to it while you were gone, and wincing as you try to back out without scraping them.

It goes without saying that a rear vision camera can help you a bunch in that situation. It gives you drastically improved awareness of your surroundings with a clear, wide-angle field of vision that ensures you won’t leave any nasty scratches.

But as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Wouldn’t it be nice if nobody ever parked like that? Certainly you don’t want to be the jerk who gives someone else grief.

With a rear vision camera, you’ll be in a position to always park like a courteous neighbour, leaving other parked vehicles plenty of room and never cramming or crowding anyone. It’s the right thing to do, the generous thing to do – and also the sensible thing to do, since it helps you get out of tight spots caused by anyone who happens to be less considerate than you are.So when you think about it, it’s a win-win. When you’re using a rear vision system to park, everybody benefits. So if you were waiting for the moral argument in favour of getting a rear vision camera, you’ve just read it. Now you only need to work out the practical details. And Safety Dave is the expert at that.

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