Take it down, flip it and – reversing camera?

It isn’t easy to flip your brain. That’s why left-handed athletes have an advantage in all sorts of competitive sports, from tennis to fencing. When you’re used to doing something one way, flipping how you do it makes everything much harder. What you’re expecting to be on the right is suddenly on your left, and vice versa.

And it’s even worse when you’re doing it along multiple axes. Doing something flipped horizontally and vertically? That’s a real mind-bender.

But without a rear vision camera, that’s what reversing can feel like

When you’re relying on a combination of your rear view mirror and your wing mirrors to reverse or parallel park, everything can be incredibly confusing. Not only are you trying to navigate backwards, but there’s the added confusion of the fact that the mirror flips everything (as mirrors do). Plus, it’s hard to contextualise what you’re seeing, since the limited visibility provided by a mirror means that angles and distances get warped and distorted.

With a reverse camera kit, everything becomes much, much easier. Suddenly you have an accurate perspective on what’s happening behind your vehicle, and you’re not having to reverse and invert your thinking just to make simple decisions about turning and angling. Everything the camera sees is displayed on a convenient, high-resolution monitor, so you don’t need to constantly switch between rear view mirror, wing mirror, and head checks (which even the best of us find disorienting). You also don’t have the giant blind spots that plague many vehicles without cameras.

But that’s not all. With a reversing camera, you can also see at night, and you can get a camera system for trailers, trucks, boats and horse floats, allowing you to drive and turn much more safely in conditions that just a few decades ago were seriously hazardous. Cameras are quickly becoming standard in most new vehicles and for good reason – the safety benefits should properly be considered indispensable.

So if you don’t have a rear vision camera kit, give Safety Dave a call and he’ll talk to you about which camera will be best for you. With Safety Dave, your needs are always our top priority, so we’ll listen carefully to understand your situation before making the recommendation that we think will work perfectly for your circumstances – and at bargain wholesale prices, too.

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