Secret Agent

When I was a little kid – about nine years old – the idea of spy gear was the coolest thing to me. I think a lot of children go through this phase – secret messages, codes, hidden recording devices, concealed cameras. There’s something thrilling about the notion of being a spy, hiding in plain sight, using all these high-tech gadgets. But the strange part about those gadgets is how many of them have gone from futuristic espionage equipment to just basic parts of our everyday lives.

For example, in the very first scene of the TV show Get Smart, Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone rings while he’s in the theatre, and he has to awkwardly go outside to answer that. Broadcast decades before mobile phones, the joke was that someone’s phone was ringing in the theatre. But these days, that’s not suspicious or futuristic, it just means that someone’s a jerk.

Cameras are another area where our technology has rapidly advanced. Gone are the days of bulky cameras and long reels of film. Now we have cameras everywhere – in our pockets, in our phones, in our cars. And the latter is an essential safety feature, because the reversing camera might not be a spy gadget used to thwart an evil conspiracy, but it certainly saves plenty of lives and property.

Ordinary reversing without a rear vision camera can be a touch and go procedure. But the spy always has someone back at headquarters, giving them a fuller picture and advising them. That’s the role that the reversing camera kit plays – showing you the space behind your vehicle, giving you a scale that allows you to judge distance, and ensuring that you’re able to reverse and turn safely in tight spaces and low-visibility situations. So get smart, and get a camera for your vehicle.

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