What Makes Safety Dave Unique?

Safety Dave is marked by a customer-oriented focus and attention to detail unique throughout the industry. Dave Cooper, the owner, isn’t just the face of the business – he’s also the heart. If you’ve ever met or spoken to Dave, you’d know that he is a passionate individual who loves the business he’s in. You’d know that with Dave it’s not all about a ‘rear vision camera’ for your car or caravan, it’s not about a ‘tyre monitor valve’…..it’s not about a product, it’s about wanting to make sure that his customers are safe in conducting their activities and should an emergency happen, then they can rely on first aid equipment to perform at the highest Australian standards.

All the staff are also of same mindset, no short cuts, just provide the best for the customer! We treat our community as such, we offer discounts for Seniors, Pensioners, Dept of Vet Affairs, CIL and we always look after our returning customers. We source only the best products because when it comes to personal safety there can be no lower tear. Our prices are competitive so you’ll always get value for money when you buy from us.

Dave knows that no two customers are alike, he travels the country to be present at major shows and meets with customers face-to-face and over the phone. He knows that whilst customers can be similar, no two are ever the same so every customer is treated with a personal touch, not just in jest but a personal touch that has been shaped by meeting and talking to thousands of customers over the years. Each member of our experienced team shares his love for customer service and dedication to safety. This ethos is shared by all the staff here and we are guided by this when providing customer service and advice about your family safety.

Do our customers just want a tyre pressure monitor system, do they just want a rear vision package, or first aid equipment? What they want is to not have a tyre blow out when driving, they don’t want to crash into something or someone while backing their car or caravan and they want to feel prepared to deal with an emergency should it appear. We pride ourselves in listening to the customer and then providing them with the best and most reliable safety needs.

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