Parallel Parking Is Hard

Parallel parking is hard. I know, this might sound obvious to some, and false to others. But the truth is, unless you have a lot of practice – and sometimes even then – it’ll often take a few tries to fit into a parking spot. And that can be stressful when you’re holding up traffic – sometimes you’ve already had a bad day, and it’s really the last thing you need. There are several different factors that contribute to making the problem so difficult. There’s the fact that cars turn in an arc, with a variable gradient. There’s the fact that the car in front of you – or behind you – might not be properly parked. There are sloping roads, curving roads, and the simple lack of precision of human visual perception.

That’s why the reversing camera kit makes everything so much easier. Instead of guesswork with mirrors, you finally have a clear, easy-to-understand image of what’s happening behind your car. Rather than constantly switching angles – looking out this mirror then, that mirror now – you can keep your eyes trained on the parking space and how you fit into it with the rear vision camera mounted to the back of your vehicle. The camera makes reverse parking simple, and unlike mirrors, it works well at night. The monitor it comes with also has an inbuilt distance scale, so you don’t have to estimate when gauging the distance between you and other vehicles.

In addition to making your life easier when parking a car, it makes parking in certain conditions and option where it was impossible before if you had a larger vehicle or trailer. With a caravan reversing camera, you can finally get a sense of where your trailer is relative to your vehicle, which makes reversing much safer. Cameras are also available for trucks and motor homes. Safety Dave is dedicated to helping you find the perfect camera for your needs.