You Don’t Technically Need One

People might object to getting a reverse camera kit on the grounds that they don’t technically need one. And, at least in some circumstances, I suppose that’s true. But while necessity might be the mother of invention, comfort and ease-of-use are the cool uncles who always give the best presents. Maybe nobody ever needed the typewriter, but it certainly made writing things a hell of a lot easier. In fact, you could argue that most of the inventions we have aren’t strictly necessary. Do we need movies? Why not just read books? Do we need colourful dyes? Why not just wear drab clothes? Do we need cars? Why not just travel by carriage?

Ultimately, we can make excuses, but the truth is that all these inventions have made our lives easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. It’s true that most drivers technically could do all their parallel parking just by using mirrors, but it’s a very tricky thing – especially for beginners. Given how cheap reversing cameras are these days, it’s worthwhile to just buy a camera and take the stress out of reversing. While it might not be strictly necessary, it’s still a good decision, and is excellent value in the long run.

Besides, for some drivers, using mirrors really isn’t an option. Unless you have a truck rear vision camera, then you’re not going to be able to reverse in your truck in certain places. And if you’re towing a trailer, like a caravan, then you just won’t be able to see what’s behind your trailer unless you have a trailer. So in these situations, getting a camera for your vehicle really is a must.

Mirrors might work for some people, but cameras work better, and they work for everyone. And even if you don’t need one, it will make your life safer – which is the next best reason.