It’s No Good Being Right And Dead

Driving would be easy if everyone did exactly what they were supposed to. However, that is rarely the case. Driving safely on the road isn’t just a matter of obeying the road rules; it’s also a matter of accounting for the fact that it is entirely possible that other people won’t obey the road rules. Known as “defensive driving”, this practice is a crucial part of safe travel – as my grandfather used to say, it’s no good being right and dead.

An important element of this is to do with braking and braking distance, as well as reversing. Cars behind you should be keeping their distance, and keeping a safe gap between the front of their vehicle and yours. However, that sometimes doesn’t happen, which is why it’s crucial to consistently check behind you before you brake – in case you brake too hard and get rear-ended. When reversing, this is even more complicated – other cars should give you a wide berth when parallel parking or backing out of a driveway, but do they? Not always.

This is why a rear vision camera is an essential safety device for your car. Being able to get a clear, accurate picture of what’s behind you will prevent you from suffering the consequences of other people’s mistakes. A reversing camera kit is easy to set up, and works just as well at night as it does during the day time, so that way if someone else doesn’t see you reverse because it’s dark, at least you’ll be able to see them and avoid a crash. With other drivers being unpredictable and even dangerous, not to mention being given to impatience with drivers who are reversing, the reversing camera is the best way to ensure that your defensive driving is the best it can be, and to keep you and your vehicle secure.