A Snapshot Of The World

A camera takes a snapshot of the world and preserves it forever in a still frame. A photograph allows you to access a moment in time, even from many decades ago – a window into another time, and maybe another life. With astrophotography, it can even be another world.

What if you had a machine that could do the same thing, only backwards? A machine that took a picture, and created a whole scene from it, making it real and alive and not just a piece of paper or pixels on a screen. Wouldn’t that sort of thing be amazing? Just imagine the possibilities – all sorts of things could come to life, though it might be a hassle stopping people who wanted to use this invention for evil.

Unfortunately, a reverse camera kit isn’t quite that impressive. It doesn’t make pictures into real, present events. But it does help you out an awful lot if you’re trying to reverse your vehicle. Unlike mirrors, which are fiddly and distort your view, a rear vision camera gives you a clear image of what’s happening behind your vehicle, with a distance gauge on the monitor to help you judge how far away objects and obstacles are.

Maybe it’s not a fantastical gizmo, but mundane inventions are incredibly important, too. Computers, lightbulbs, e-mail, phones – they might not be science-fiction level impressive, but they are still crucial to our day-to-day lives. Reversing cameras make your driving safer and easier, and could potentially save you a lot of damage by ensuring that you don’t have any blind spots when you’re moving backwards. And at Safety Dave, we think that these little things can still be pretty magical.