What’s in your Christmas stocking?

Many a comedian has remarked upon the logistical nightmare that Christmas must present to Santa Claus. Just how can one man, with one sleigh, travel all around the world and deliver presents to billions of children in the span of a single night? It’s a problem that has baffled mathematicians and managers alike, yet somehow – year after year – Santa manages to pull through against all odds. You might even call it a Christmas Miracle.

Of course, Santa has a few advantages. With a flying sleigh, he never needs to worry about traffic or tyres. That’s not the case for us down on the ground, which is why this Christmas, Safety Dave has you covered. A rear vision camera in your stocking will be a big help when it comes to reversing, from parallel parking in heavy traffic to reversing with a caravan trailer. Or give a tyre pressure monitoring system like Safe-T-Tyre as a present to someone special in your life, so their tyres won’t go flat at just the worst moment. It’s the next best thing to flying reindeer.

Another interesting detail about Santa’s trip is of course his means of entry – down the chimney. With the decline in fireplaces, it’s a mystery as to how Santa gets into all those chimney-less houses. But whether you choose to heat your house with a conventional fireplace or a modern electric heater, in the Australian summer, fire is a constant danger. That’s why another great gift is fire safety equipment. Safety Dave provides a wide range of fire safety equipment that make ideal Christmas presents, from fire extinguishers to blankets, warning signs and smoke alarms. What better way to show your love for someone than by giving them a potentially life-saving gift that shows just how much they matter to you?