Rear Vision Cameras for RV’s

When driving a larger vehicle like a truck or RV, or towing a caravan, adequate rear vision is absolutely crucial. This is a double threat – firstly, you take up more space on the road and there’s simply more of your vehicle that can be involved in an accident; secondly, the nature of such vehicles means that mirrors won’t give you a proper view of what’s behind your vehicle. To solve this problem, a more powerful technology than basic mirrors is needed: the rear vision camera.

Truck rear vision systems and RV rear vision cameras allow you to see directly behind your truck without having to mess around awkwardly with mirrors that distort perspective and don’t show the full picture. They work at night, too, which is a bonus, displaying everything the camera sees on a little monitor on your dashboard. These devices are also known as reversing cameras, since they’re commonly used to help you reverse – no easy task when you’re driving a motor home or towing a trailer.

And speaking of trailers, caravan reversing cameras are also available, letting you see what’s behind the trailer. This is of great benefit to gaining a greater awareness of the space your vehicle and trailer occupy, and having a safer, more secure driving experience. A reverse camera kit generally involves software that provides a distance scale on the monitor, too, so you don’t have to worry about estimating distances based on what the camera shows you.

Like all of the best rear view cameras, Safety Dave cameras are connected via cable, meaning that interference with wireless systems isn’t a problem. They’ll always display a consistent and accurate picture of what’s behind your vehicle, making them reliable for tackling the problem of rear vision with a caravan, truck, or motor home.