Foggy Mirror

Even though the solstice is past, we’re still well in the middle of winter, and the nights are far longer than the days. That means that it’s difficult to gauge distances and judge the environment around your vehicle using purely conventional means like rear view mirrors and wing mirrors. On top of this, rain, fog and cloud make visibility even worse, so on a dark night or even a grey day, it can be tough to use the naked eye to calculate exactly how much to turn or move when reversing and parallel parking.

Fortunately, reverse camera kits are available to help with this problem. Safety Dave offers some of the best reversing camera kits available, designed to work at night just as well as during the day. The cameras help you cut through rain and fog, and won’t blind you like headlights will when reflected in your mirror. Everything the camera sees goes straight to the monitor on your dashboard, letting you make judgments about how to manoeuvre your vehicle in order to stay safe and avoid accidents.

Avoid Collisions Using Reverse Cameras:

Camera kits are available for a range of vehicles and trailers, from cars, trucks and four-wheel drives to caravans, motor homes, and even horse floats and boats. The reversing camera is a much-needed safety boost in a difficult, often hazardous environment like a moonless winter night. Without ambient light to see by, a camera can still use its night-vision technology to see traffic and obstacles and help you avoid collisions and unwanted damage. This way, you can drive, reverse and park without stress of worry no matter the season or the time of day.

Safety Dave cares about your safety. We know that it’s not always easy to make out what’s happening in the dark, and we sell products that are designed to help you handle this problem. A rear vision camera kit is easy to set up and provides you with the augmented information and awareness necessary to be safe in the blackest of nights. So don’t keep relying on mirrors and foggy, drenched windscreens to navigate in the dark. We’re in an age of technological improvement and assistance – with airbags and seat belts and electronic monitors making us safer all the time. A reverse camera kit is just another example of technology that makes you safer on the road.

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