Cats Are Intelligent

People like to think that cats are intelligent. Sometimes we attribute to them a sort of scheming, genius-level intellect that they might have absorbed from the evil masterminds and Bond villains who love them so. There’s even a book called “How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You”. And yet, despite these stereotypes, some cats are impressively stupid. Even suicidally so. One of my friends has a story about how her cat Pumpkin (“so named because he is fat and orange and stupid”, in her words) would approach her car hoping for pats. As anyone who has even passing familiarity with cars knows, cars do not pet cats. They are, however, highly capable at running them over.

Consequently, it is less-than-conducive to Pumpkin’s wellbeing when he waits behind the car in the hope of some attention and affection. Indeed, it might well have been fatal, were it not for her rear vision camera. The camera notices Pumpkin, even when he is below the level that an ordinary rear vision mirror can see, and my friend realises that if she were to reverse any further, a terrible fate would befall her cat. The reversing camera has directly saved the life of Pumpkin on multiple occasions.

Now, it has been said that cats have nine lives, but I think that very few of us would like to test the literal truth of that aphorism. So if you have a cat – or a pet of any sort – rather than betting that it can survive being run over eight times, it might be a good idea to invest in a reversing camera kit. That way, you won’t have a cat or other animal hiding in your blind spot, waiting in its final moments for the giant metal machine that it is convinced wants to scratch it behind the ear.