Backwards is Bad

In everyday speech, backwards is bad. Metaphorically, the word gets used to mean wrong, or perverted, or made nonsensical. But in reality, people and things are moving and turning backwards all the time. If you never went backwards, you could never go back home at the end of the day. You could never back away from something dangerous without taking your eyes off it. People need to go backwards.

Unfortunately, especially in a vehicle, it’s quite a difficult thing to do. Driving forwards is natural, it makes sense – after all, it’s the way most vehicles are meant to be driven the vast majority of the time. Unfortunately, there’s a small – but not insignificant – amount of reversing that’s involved in driving. And the basic design of most vehicles is such that doing that reversing tends to require a fair bit of messing around with mirrors, trying to judge distances, and making a guess so that you really, really hope you’re not going to back into your grumpy co-worker’s new car.

A reversing camera makes it all so much simpler. Suddenly, you can see what’s behind you – even if it’s dark outside – and you’ve got a monitor with a distance scale so you know how far away things are. It’s a proper, comprehensive view of the area behind your vehicle, and it gives you a much more accurate picture than you could possibly obtain through mirrors. The rear vision camera makes going back straightforward, so you won’t need to lose any sleep over those narrow driveways.

Safety Dave sells a variety of rear vision systems, including caravan rear vision systems for your trailers, so we can find exactly what you need and provide you with it. Then you don’t need to look in the mirror like a fairy tale character, but can use the best technology to stay on track.