The Periscope Is a Brilliant Invention

The periscope is a brilliant invention. The device – which many may associate primarily with submarines, is essentially a way of extending your line of sight around corners – or, in the case of the submarine, up above the surface of the water while the submarine remains far below. There are records of a type of periscope invented in the 17th century by Johannes Gutenberg, the famed inventor of the printing press, but they achieved widespread use in World War I where they were used to look over the tops of trenches.

When you’re reversing – especially around a corner – with a caravan or other trailer, you need something that functions like a periscope does – a way to look behind the caravan, even when there’s the caravan blocking your view. What you need is a reverse camera kit.

Safety Dave sells caravan reversing cameras that will allow you to get a good look at everything behind your caravan, so you can keep your vehicle and the people around it safe. You won’t need to worry about hitting an obstacle behind your caravan that you can’t see, because the camera – which connects to a monitor at the front of your vehicle – will show you that obstacle, so you can stop if a little kid runs behind your caravan when you’re reversing.

A rear vision camera is highly recommended for any vehicle, but if you’ve got a trailer behind you, it should really be thought of as a necessity. Otherwise, there will be dangers that you just can’t see, and you’ll be unfairly endangering the lives and property of those around you. Plus, it will be far, far easier to park your trailer, making your life simpler and everyone’s life safer. If you have a trailer, get a camera – you won’t regret it.