There’s not a hell of a lot of lighting

On a country road at night, there’s not a hell of a lot of lighting. Even if you have your highbeams on, that only helps you see what’s in front of you. So if you need to reverse or look at what’s behind you, you might be doing little better than you would if you were blindfolded. This is especially dangerous, because country roads often have a whole heap of extra hazards that you don’t find in cities – loose gravel roads, animals, fallen rocks or trees, slippery slopes – and these are just the start of it.

That’s why you what the best reversing camera kit out there, and at Safety Dave, you can get exactly what you need: a rear vision camera that has night vision capabilities. Safety Dave has a selection of cameras with infra-red and sonic capacity, so you can get a picture of what’s behind you even when it’s pitch black. If you’re planning on doing a lot of country or cross-country driving, this is definitely a worthwhile investment, since it makes you much safer when you’re out there at night.

If you have a trailer, then it’s basically mandatory. Your vision will be impaired in the dark to such an extent that it’s extremely ill-advised to try to go without a reverse camera, and even using an inferior camera that doesn’t work at night is a risky proposition. Remember that your life and your safety are priceless – it’s always worth taking whatever precautions you need to avoid injury and accidents. At Safety Dave, we understand that you can’t compromise on safety, and that’s why we want the best for you and will always enquire about your needs so we can help keep you safe on and off the road.