Rear View Cameras for Caravan Towing

When towing a caravan, the more visibility you have whilst reversing and driving, the safer it is for you, your passengers and all other road users. At Safety Dave, we recommend rear vision cameras for anyone that is looking to tow a caravan, camper trailer or any other trailer behind their vehicle on a regular basis. Here’s our guide to reverse cameras and how they can help when towing a caravan.

Why Do I Need a Reverse Camera When Towing a Caravan?

Reversing cameras are a vital part of staying safe when you’re on the road, especially when you are towing a caravan. When travelling, most drivers like to keep an eye on exactly what is happening on the road behind them as they make their way across Australia’s highways. The longer the caravan being towed, the bigger the blind spots will be and even the best wing mirrors aren’t going to provide better rear vision that of a rear-mounted camera. A high quality reversing camera system will add to driving confidence and peace of mind.

How Does a Rear Vision Camera for Towing Help?

Increased visibility when driving – with a caravan hooked up, the total length of your vehicle and caravan is usually more than double that of the vehicle on its own. This means more and bigger blind spots. A rear vision camera will majorly improve visibility, and therefore safety, when merging or overtaking.

Assistance for tight manoeuvring – when you arrive at a camp site or caravan park, sometimes it’s required that you reverse the caravan into a tight spot. With a reversing camera fitted, you can see clearly behind the van allowing you to easily reverse into that tight spot and not have to rely on someone to guide you in.

What to Look for When Buying a Reversing Camera for Towing a Caravan?

  • An all-in-one kit which includes the camera, dash-/windscreen-mounted LCD monitor, cabling, connectors, mounting equipment, and instruction manual.
  • The option of a square or round unit – round units may be more aesthetically-pleasing, whereas square units may offer better lighting results.
  • Durability – the system, including the cable connectors and mounting point must be dust-proof and waterproof.
  • Good night vision properties.
  • The ability to simulate a rear-view mirror.
  • Easily removable for safe storage and security.
  • Forward-motion capability to monitor traffic while you are driving (e.g. merging traffic).
  • Audio facility – a built-in mic and built-in speakers allowing not only visual but also aural information will be transmitted from the back of the vehicle.

You Still Need Driver Awareness

There’s no doubt that while towing a caravan, a reversing camera makes things considerably easier not only for hitching on but also for reversing and giving a good view of what’s behind when driving on the road. It’s important to understand that it is possible for drivers to become over-reliant on reverse technology. While this technology will greatly improve reversing and road safety, reversing cameras are not a substitute for active supervision and a good set of towing mirrors, but they are a very a helpful addition.

If you enjoying caravanning and frequently tow your van around the country, a rear view camera is a wise investment. If you want the very best rear view camera for your needs and budget, then browse the range at Safety Dave today. We stock a wide range of reversing camera kits suitable for most makes and models – view our products online now or give us a call on 1800 072 338 to speak with our knowledgeable staff for expert advice.

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