In Fiction, Disasters Are Entertaining

In fiction, disasters are entertaining. Whether it’s a big budget disaster film like Titanic, or just your typical comedy of errors where miscommunications lead to cringe-worthy social awkwardness for all involved, we stare transfixed at stage or screen to drink in other people’s catastrophes. There’s even a word for it in German: schadenfreude, which means “happiness at the misfortune of others”. It’s like how comedy is tragedy plus time – when it’s not your problem, and doesn’t happen to anyone you know or care about, there’s something seriously engaging about a metaphorical car crash in slow motion.

Unfortunately, literal crashes aren’t so fun – especially if they happen to you or people you care about. It’s one thing to watch characters in a sitcom make repeatedly toxic decisions, or to wince with satisfaction as some jerk on television totals his vehicle. But in real life, the road can be a dangerous place, and the consequences are serious and tragic. That’s why you can’t afford to make compromises with safety. At Safety Dave, we understand that, and that’s why we have our reversing cameras – so you can look back safely rather than looking back in regret.

The reversing camera kit is an excellent choice for making your driving experience safer, giving you the additional field of vision that you just can’t obtain using conventional means like mirrors. It also helps you see better at night and in bad weather, when the utility of mirrors are often greatly diminished. A rear vision camera might not turn your life into a comedy – there will still be plenty of cockups and accidents – but it will reduce the risk of serious ones, the ones that leave a permanent impact that you’ll never be able to laugh about later. Let the accidents happen to someone else – because safety is no laughing matter.