Why bother to get a reversing camera?

Here’s an interesting question: why bother to get a reversing camera? Aren’t there other, cheaper options that do the job just as well, like sensors or mirrors? And if that’s the case, then why should I shell out for a camera when I can spend less on something equally effective.

The simple answer is that the alternatives aren’t actually as good. They might seem like viable choices, but in reality, they don’t keep you as safe. First off, let’s talk about the mirrors – the default option on most vehicles. Mirrors are great, and you’re certainly a lot better off with mirrors than without them. But when you’re relying on them completely, they have some pretty glaring blind spots. As someone who got a passenger to get out of my car the other day because it was tricky to gauge just how far away I was from obstacles, I know what I’m talking about when I’m talking about the limitations of mirrors. There’s a level of precision and coverage that mirrors lack, however much better they are to having no visibility about what’s behind you.

As for sensors, they don’t give you the same sort of information. They can tell you that something’s close, but they can’t tell you where it is relative to your vehicle. Is it directly behing you, or to the side? Can you avoid it if you stick to your tight turning circle? Not only that, but sensors are notoriously unreliable. They might beep when there’s nothing there, or worse, fail to beep when there is.

That’s what a rear vision camera remains the best option for staying safe on the roads and staying aware of what’s behind you. At Safety Dave, we’re dedicated to finding you a reversing camera kit that suits your needs, so you don’t have to drive in uncertainty.

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