There’s An Easy Solution

I’ve been playing a neat little computer game lately. Essentially the premise is that the players have to work together to defuse a bomb. The bomb has all of these tricky little modules on it, and you need to do different things depending on the module and its exact specifications. Now, the catch is this: Only one player gets to look at the bomb – and that player doesn’t get to look at the bomb defusal manual. All the other players get to look at the manual – but not the bomb. It’s not an easy game.

Many drivers will have come across a similar situation when reversing. Sometimes, reversing your vehicle is so difficult that one of the passengers will have to get out so they can get a good look at what’s behind the vehicle, to guide the driver into the parking space or through the reversing. In this situation, the passenger can see what’s behind the vehicle, and the driver can’t. The driver can control the vehicle, but they can’t see what’s behind. Once again – not an easy task.

There’s an easy solution, though – the reversing camera. Also known as the rear vision camera, this device allows the driver to see what’s behind their vehicle without leaving the driver’s seat. It puts an end to awkward communication issues such as “your other left”, and is pretty handy if you have to reverse in a tight spot but don’t have any passengers to help guide you. The reverse camera kit also works at night – another bonus – and can be attached to trailers like caravans that are normally impossible to see behind, even using mirrors. Overall, this new technology takes a lot of the pressure off reversing, making it easier and less stressful for drivers both old and new.