The Sensible Option

Last Saturday, some friends and I drove into the Dandenong Ranges for a bushwalk. On our way, we accidentally took a wrong turn and went down what turned out to be a driveway. A very steep driveway, made of loose gravel, that we couldn’t reverse out of and that required us to turn around in a very tight turning circle in order to be able to drive back on to the main road. It was definitely something of an ordeal, and our driver found it very stressful. Passengers had to get out of the car to help with the turn, letting the driver know where she was in her turning circle.

And so much of the stress could have been avoided if we had a reversing camera in the car! A camera would have showed us what was behind the car, let us know how far we could reverse, if we were about to hit something. We managed to get out of there, true, but without a camera it was really touch and go for a bit.

A rear vision camera is the sensible option when driving. It really allows you to make those tight turns and manage those steep driveways.

Had our vehicle been any larger, I don’t know how we would have managed to get back to the road, so it’s paramount that you get a RV reversing camera if you own a motor home or similar large vehicle. Driving – especially the sort of country driving that you can expect a lot of if you have an RV or caravan – is full of unexpected elements, like turning down what you think is a road and suddenly finding yourself stalling on one hell of a steep incline. If you’re driving by yourself, without passengers to get out and help you, you’re in extra danger. Get a camera, and stay safe.