SD Butterfly Camera

With versatile butterfly mounting, this small reversing camera is ideal for your car or 4WD. It boasts an IP69 waterproof and shock rating to ensure perfect functionality in adverse conditions. 9 LED night vision means that you can drive and park at night just as easily as you can in the daytime, giving you improved safety 24/7. The 120˚ viewing angle allows you to see obstacles that you would miss in the mirror, expanding your field of vision for maximal convenience and security. The Safety Dave Butterfly Camera comes with a two-year replacement warranty, since our products are all made to last from the best quality parts.

Recommended for: Cars & 4WDs


This camera has a 2 year replacement warranty
Night Vision
This camera has 9 LED night vision
Viewing Angle
This camera has 120° viewing angle
This camera is 32mm x 60mm
This camera has a waterproof IP69 rating
This camera has flexible mounting and adjusting

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