SD Bullet Eye Camera

This discreet camera is perfect for your car or 4WD. With a generous wide-angle (120˚) field of vision for reversing, the camera boosts your safety and lets you view the road behind your car without relying on mirrors. The camera’s flexible, adjustable flush mount is easy to attach and set up, and its unobtrusive design won’t spoil the look of your car. Equipped with nine LEDs for night vision and with an IP69 waterproof rating, this camera is designed to keep you safe in conditions where conventional rear-view mirrors are insufficient. It is available in both 28mm and 30mm models, and comes with a two-year replacement warranty.

Recommended for: Cars & 4WDs


This camera has a 2 year replacement warranty
Night Vision
This camera has 9 LED night vision
Viewing Angle
This camera has 120° viewing angle
This camera is available in 28mm diameter or 30mm diameter
This camera has a waterproof IP69 rating
This camera has flexible mounting and adjusting

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