Transcript: Hi, I’m Dave from Safety Dave and I’m here today to talk about the difference between a wired and a wireless rear vision system. Some people opt for a wireless because wireless cameras do not need to run the cable from the rear of the car to the monitor on the dashboard and the antenna is often built into camera for a simple one piece installation. The may appear to be a simpler way but we recommend hard wired systems for the following reasons.

Most wireless cameras have directional antennas and receiver that must be aimed at each other. And those antennas are easily broken and shifted during normal use. This will lead to poor quality picture or no picture at all.

While the picture produced by a high quality system may be ok when the vehicle is stationary, every wireless device is susceptible to interference and that interference will be worse when vehicle is in motion which also means that receivers can often pick up other cameras instead of their own. This is unacceptable for a safety product and it defeats it’s purpose.

Imagine the example of parking your car at the supermarket with a wireless camera. How many other wireless cameras and wireless devices are there as well? What image will you be seeing? Yours or the car next to you or the security within the supermarket? Imagine yourself backing into a pole or possibly hurting a child that you can easily run over because you are looking at the wrong image.

That’s why we recommend using a hard wired system, because we value safety over ease of installation.

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